Oceans - Tommy Richardsen Photography
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The fjord

The fjord

When I walked up this mountain, it had been quite some time since last time I had gone for such a trek, and my shape was thereafter.
Finally getting up here, the sunset was quite nice, but it never got to the point where I was completely happy about it, so I decided to wait for sunrise.
For 5 hours I was listening to music on my mobile phone, picking all the tall grass away from the composition I wanted, drank some water from the little river (which was amazingly good), sang along with the music while awaiting the rising sun.
It started to look bleak for any good colors as the clouds was thickening in the morning, but I had a slight hope that the sun would rise just in the small gap between the clouds and that was just what it did, for 50 seconds it was like being in some kind of heaven.

Captured ontop of Sørkjosen mountain in Nordreisa, Troms, Northern Norway.